Sewanee Summer

I'm so grateful every time I return home and just more and more appreciative of the place I was raised in. As a kid, I had no idea how special and magical it was. Since traveling and living in a bunch of different places, and because it is home, I just really see how special it is. Here's a glimpse of some of my last days visiting home this summer. 


One of my all time favorite meals at a local cafe here: everything bagel with cucumber herb cream cheese & an iced fruit tea.  


A fun little find that perfectly sums up mountain kids.  


Babysitting three years later for Maddie who I nannied as a baby and her new little sister, Susannah. 


Lake days with old friends are THE BEST. You can't beat it. 

xx, AG

Overflowing Cup

My cup is overflowing with joy and peaceful feelings after spending three glorious days with my best friends, whom drove 10 hours to come visit. I feel humbled and proud to know these people and cherish their friendship so much. The weekend was packed with laughter, home cooked meals, lots of cards against humanity, walks through the woods, a holiday party, and meeting Wyatt's love. I enjoyed every minute with you guys. Thank you for coming. I am so so thankful for y'all.  



It was weirdly warm the night the arrived but that was because snow was coming! A light layer covered the ground on Saturday and froze all the branches on the trees.  


So excited to watch y'all keep crushing life.  

xx, ag