Orchid Care

My mother's favorite flower is an orchid and I can't blame her for loving the majestic plant. It's minimal but strikingly beautiful. I am house sitting right now and there are three orchids. They complement the minimal- modern look of the house, which has tiny Japenese details throughout. They add some life to the home but don't take up much space. 



Caring for orchids is simple but you must pay special attention because they are very fragile. I've already knocked off a flower when I went to water them. A simple recipe for care is this: 

water once a week 

keep their roots dry

place pot (with a hole in the bottom) in a bowl and allow to drain 

place in indirect sunlight 


I'm learning to care for plants. Mostly I just buy succlulents because they are hard to kill but it's quite rewarding to see plants grow under your watch.  

 Simple, fresh decor. 

Simple, fresh decor. 

Do you have tips for caring for orchids? Succulents?  

Xx ag