Celebrating Life

So the birthday was great. I got to do my first ever surfing lesson with G and we both completely fell in love. There is no better feeling in the world than getting up on a surf board and being in the salt water. I cannot wait to get back to the ocean to try again. We celebrated with family at Clarke's for breakfast (and dinner) because I'm a bit obsessed. G and I are trying to make labneh, after eating it on toast with avo (again). I'll have a recipe soon here in the blog. I got a body chain and stunna shades as well as a spa date with jesse as gifts, so I was the happiest girl. 

We ate carrot cake and drank pimms cups filled to the brim with fruit. Also at midnight, we drank champagne and rosé and then the family sang happy birthday. I felt very special and surrounded by love. G wrote me the coolest letter with drawings on a receipt roll at his work (that you put in the register), so it was like reading a scroll. Everyone was very thoughtful to say the least. Getting messages and videos from the best friends (thanks Zoe!!!) was also a treat. So thank you to everyone.  

Celebrating seems the be the theme when it comes to my favorite brands (and their photos) at this time of the year. Every photo by Nasty Gal, Glossier, and even Clarke's makes me wanna celebrate. I think you should celebrate little things throughout the day: a lunch date with your sister or best friend, taking a walk with your pup to a new place, going on a hike with a picnic in tow, anything fun. Today, Jesse and I got a bright bouquet of flowers for our room, and now I'm gonna do both of our hair. For what occasion? None. Just because. Treat yo self.

Spice up every corner of your house and every detail in your life. Pick tonight to wear lingerie (for your partner or hell, just for you!). It doesn't need to be an anniversary. Do it cuz it's Wednesday. 

So go buy some crowns at the dollar store. Add a tutu if you dare. Sit by a fire (or outside on the porch) and drink white russians. Or maybe hot chocolate with giant marshmallows. Do it because it's hump day y'all. 

Xx ag