Back to School: Must Have Items

I begin my second degree on Monday and I am really pumped. It is technically another B.A. but I am treating it as post-grad technical diploma, something that will develop my skills tremendously.

In preparation, I have bought a few things that I think are crucial. I am keeping it simple this time around, just a few notebooks, a favorite pen and pencil, and my computer. 

My favorite pencil will always be this one pictured. My grandpa, Bigdaddy, used them for crossword puzzles. Mechanical pencils in general will always win for me. Then, a nice ball point pen that won't cause bleeding. Moleskins win hands down in the notebook department but they are a bit pricey. Once you go moleskin though, you cannot return. Beware. I found mine at The Book Lounge

What are you top recommendations for school or work?

Xx, ag