How to Give Yourself a Facial

So, I just got a facial, as a birthday prezzie from the sister. It was the second one in my lifetime and I barely remembered the first, so it was a really treat. I loved the woman who did the facial because she explained everything as she did it. So, I thought I would relay all the info so you can give yourself or a loved one a facial. 

Tips from Hazel at Sorbet (in the Cape Quarter in Greenpoint) in Cape Town:

  1. Get a facial once a month if you can afford it. Hazel says it shouldn’t be a luxury (although it does feel like one). Since becoming a technician, she gets one regular and has since seen her face clear up of any acne. Now, her face will “tell her” if she needs one by beginning to freak out. She says she can tell a true overall difference and improvement. 
  2.  With your facial, you should get some type of a skin test. There are 14 zones on the face. In each zone, the facialist will tell you if the skin is healthy or if there is hyper pigmentation (from the sun), roughness, redness, dryness, etc. 
  3. You should start by exfoliating and doing a mask once a week (for a month), then decide if twice a week would be better and so forth. Usually once is good, but I have heard three depending on your skin type. So try her method. 
  4. Wear SPF in your day cream. At least 10-15. Even at 23, she could see sun damage on my face and I apply sunscreen way more than the average person.
  5. Your face wash routine should include your face, your ears, your neck, and the part of your chest that is exposed daily. For cleansing and moisturizing and all other steps.
  6. If you are going to extract a whitehead or black head, use tissues to cover your fingers. Before doing so, cleanse your face and steam it if you can (with a hot washcloth even). 
  7. Basically, don’t touch your face with your hands. They have dirt and loads of bacteria on them. If there is roughness on your chin, it could be from simply setting your face in your hands while sitting at a desk. 

So, the list of steps in a facial go like this.

  1. Wash hands. Remember step 7 above?
  2. Remove eye makeup. you can use eye makeup remover or simply lotion on a soft tissue. 
  3. Use an oil cleanser if you have or even olive oil. Rub all over your face (circular motions) to remove the makeup and dirt. 
  4. Next, cleanse your face. Try a foam cleanser that states it is hydrating. Again, circular motions here and don’t forget the neck and ears and upper chest. 
  5. Steam. If you are at home, just lay a hot washcloth over your face until it gets cold again (while laying down and relaxing). 
  6. Extract, if you would like. Usually there are some clogged pores on the nose, maybe chin. Don’t get too crazy. 
  7. Sooth those areas with a soothing gel you have or just a hot or cold wet cloth. 
  8. Exfoliate. Try an exfoliating cleanser you own. Then rinse.
  9. Mask. My favorite is a thick clay mask that you can paint on with a brush but there are equally good ones of hundreds of varieties. Let dry. Remove. 
  10. Use a serum, add eye cream, and balm or something nice to the lips.
  11. Moisturize with lotion.
  12. Boom, done. (If you are giving a facial, add a face massage with the moisturizer.

*All photos are from Glossier, which I am obsessed with. I've never even used their products but their marketing and business really just makes my heart happy.