I've never been the biggest Kanye fan. Of course, I was obsessed with his early albums then I became a bit sour like the rest of the world. Yet, Kanye in the fashion world is really working for me. I think as an artist, I am starting to really respect him. In terms of what is known in the fashion world, Kanye is changing the game. He is introducing models of color, models with bodies, known and unknown. He loves form and shape. Although you can't tell in the group photo below, there are models with booties and breasts. Their hair in the latter photo showcases afros and natural looks. I am overall very impressed and can't wait to see what he does in the future with fashion.

Here's 10 reasons why I’m all about the yeezus season 3 fashion show:

1. Maybe its because i love the kardashians and now he’s family.

2. His collection showcases all women and men of color.

3. His clothing is comfortable , its different, its relatable.

4. He dropped an album at his fashion show.

5. He got 20,000 people to come and it was at madison square garden. A lot of fans who waited outside got to enter.

6. The Kardashian clan was dressed in white and pale pink custom Balmain, with no less than fur coats and dripping in diamonds.

7. Kim went platinum for it.

8. Naomi Cambell walked and the crowd chanted her name when she entered.

9. His muse, Ian Scott, is now the stylist of Kylie Jenner. When he met Ian, he was wearing beat up Sketchers sneakers. 

10. His sneakers and fitness wear are wearable off the runway and classic with neutral tones and comfortable material.

Now if only I could afford to wear it. Ha! 

XX, ag