Cape Town Lately..

I have been really enjoying little things about this amazing city lately.. From a hibiscus with lime soda water, on a scorching day, from Clarke's, to a cider at Beer House, the smalls things are making me smile. G and I are going to surf tomorrow for the second time and I can wait to be immersed in that yummy sea water and come out with dark freckles, super sun-kissed.

I loved this pumpkin ale and potent cider from Beer House. That place never fails to impress. 

Also, I attempted to give up coffee for about 24 hours... it did not last. All I could think about was a latte from Clarkes or the amazing iced (mocha) coffee from Tribe. Tribe coffee is located on the right side of the BMW store on Beitengracht street. Order an iced coffee there. It is truly delish. It tastes almost like chocolate milk but you leave with such a caffeine buzz.

G and I tried making lattes at home because we are so obsessed and it actually worked out pretty well. We looked up a quick recipe online and realized you can make a cool latte at home. You just heat your milk, pour some in a tall glass, then take some remaining hot milk and froth it (you can do this by shaking it rigorously or with a blender/frother). Scoop the foam into the glass with milk. So now you have a layer of milk and a layer of foam. Lastly pour espresso very gently into the glass (not in a bloom), just straight in. The espresso will sink to the bottom and you get a separated effect. Its very beautiful! 

I got to go to the Labia theatre recently with Jesse and Jarett, where we saw the movie Spotlight, which examined the scandal against Catholic priests in Boston. The theatre is so quaint, with delicious popcorn and alcoholic drinks! Cheaper than NuMetro too... Definitely a must! Its only 45 rand a person as well. 

This was us playing around at the Protea Fire and Ice hotel. We were also here for New Years Eve, which was a blast. Not quite Muizenburg, but we were able to play on surfboards. I almost knocked G's mom out because the surfboard slipped out from under me and went flying towards her! Needless to say, we will be heading to the beach rather for surfing.

xx, ag