One of my Favorite Blogs..

Local Milk has become a favorite blog of mine over the past few years. She is from a town very close to mine, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and knows the mountains of that area the way I do. I think we share the same love for similar things because of that. She seeks out a life to honor 'the art of slow living' and so do I. I may not practice this very well, but it is the goal in my day to day life. It is my goal in my relationships and self-care as well. Her color scheme of gray and neutrals (sometimes involving ceramics, glass, and copper) is a delight to the eye. Follow her accounts and her photography will blow you away. And her recipes. And her lifestyle. Just do it.

She also host retreats in the most spectacular places. Check into it all. Below are some of her photographs. 

I will always and forever love the aesthetic of this local gal. The food will never cease to make my mouth water and 

her words on slow living will never not inspire me. Thanks Beth! 

xx, ag