Clarisonic Face Brushes: What You've Been Doing Wrong

I recently found a helpful post via Pinterest on face brushes like Clarisonic. The founder of the electronic face cleaning device gave his tips for how you may be misusing your tool. If you don't know what I am even talking about, the Clarisonic is a tool that helps you to deep clean your face. You apply cleanser to the brush, add water, and turn it on. The bursh has bristles that vibrate and move while you massage it onto your face. You use a circular motion and gently brush the cleanser into your face. It gives you a really deep clean that feels amazing. 

1. Don't share your brush head with a partner, roomate, or sibling. Buy extras and swap them as you use.

2. Remove the brush head and clean under it with soap and water at least once a month.

3. Swap the brush head itself every three months with a new one. 

4. You can remove the outer bristles if you want for certain areas of the face. Use the inner circle for parts of your face like the nose.

5. Make sure to use a decent amount of cleanser on the brush. Begin with about a quarter size, or fill in the whole inner circle, then decide if your face needs more or less. 

6. Add water!!! You must add water to the brush before cleansing. Its like a toothbrush in that way.

7. If you break out after the first few uses, this is normal. Same goes when you use a new cleanser. The brush is stimulating the skin and causing bacteria to rise to the surface. It may cause some pimples, but keep cleansing and all this will leave your skin soon enough. Give it 1-2 weeks to clear. This is an important but difficult step in cleansing for people, but you need to stick with it.

8. Start a new cycle (aka when it turns off, turn it back on) to do your neck and chest. 

9. Clean your brush with shampoo after every use. This will keep it from building up with oil and residue. 

10. No need to use this brush with an exfoliator. Its too harsh. Use one or the other. 

These brushes are expensive, but search around on the web and look for other brands. They really are a game changer for your face. 

xx, AG

*all info sourced from pop sugar.