The Importance of Opening Your Hips

If you do not stretch or do yoga, you might be thinking..'what the hell is this girl about to talk about?' Well, it might sound crazy, but I believe you can really benefit emotionally and physically from 'opening' or stretching in the hip area. 

Basically, the more we sit, whether it be at school or at the office, the less flexible our hips become. There is a lack of mobility in our hips because we are sitting or standing all day at work. Our hips rarely explore a full range of movement. By doing ‘hip opening’ exercises, we counteract the sitting we are doing everyday.

This hip flexibility can ease lower back pain and prevent injury overall. it also just increases flexibility and an ease in everyday moving, such as walking, etc.

It is also discussed regularly in the yoga world that emotions are stored in our hips. Now I can’t explain this to you at all but I do agree that it seems to be true. I have personally found a correlation to a release of pent up emotion through the opening of the hips over time. Apparently, we store deep trapped emotions in the hip muscles. How to explain this beats me, but I know that there can be some relief if you open your hips overtime. Just try it and let me know what you think. 

Here is video by Yoga with Adriene. She guides you through some hip openers. So take ten minutes out of your day and give it a try.