My Hair Routine: Calling all Curls

  1. Wash with Loreal Extraordinary Hair Oil Shampoo. You can buy at any drugstore.
  2. Add a small amount of conditioner to the lower half. I use Loreal Elvive Triple Resist.
  3. Leave in (don’t rinse) and make a low bun while still in the shower. This locks in the conditioner and keeps the wet hair off my back once I am dry. 
  4. Throw up in a towel for a couple of minutes while I put on clothes.
  5. Take down from towel and spray some detangler all over the hair. Don’t be shy here. I use Shea Moisture kids detangler. Its got neem oil and coconut oil and smells yummy. 
  6. Brush from roots to ends till no tangles remain. 
  7. Sometimes I will add a tiny bit of leave in hair creme. Sometimes I don’t.
  8. Put in a low bun again and allow to air dry. 
  9. Once it has mostly dried (especially the top half), I will let it down and the rest dries quickly. 
  10. This is when my hair looks its best. The curls are bouncy. It smells amazing. I’m convinced the low bun locks in the smell better as well. 
  11. After a sleep, its usually pretty tangled and frazzled again. If I want one more wear, I can add a bit of oil or creme to smooth it down or just wear it half up half down, or in a low bun. 
  12. If it feels unmanageable I will just head to the shower and start from wet hair. You don’t have to wash again but it feels nice. You can just wet it and start again with step 2.

Now just remember, my hair type is: super curly, thick, long, and frizzy, but these products will work well for most. With my particular curls, I have been taught that they need oil. This is why I can leave in conditioner and hair creme. Most girls don't do this because it can become greasy. If you have curls, just test a little bit to start. You will quickly learn if this trick is for you. 

Also note that some don't even recommend shampooing that often, but since I like the act of cleaning my hair, I feel I have landed on the jackpot with this oil shampoo trend. It really has relaxed my hair and leaves it so smooth. 

As for my all time favorites, they include:

  •  Brilliant brunette shampoo and conditioner. The smell is heavenly. 
  • MoroccanOil anything. The oil changed my life and hair forever. Any of their products will do the same for you. 
  • This 'Wet' brush. It is specifically for detangling. My hairdresser used it on me once and it really doesn't hurt when you brush. Its so nice on your tangles. 
  • This Bumble and Bumble heat spray is also incredible. The smell is ridiculously good and its really does help you protect your locks when you flat iron. I spray it all over each section before I apply the flat iron. 

Hope this helps you to love your curls. It may look long, but this routine takes all of about two minutes out of the shower. And it is a no fail for me. 

xx, AG