Tespo: A New Way to Take Vitamins

My best friend, Zoe, showed me this new product in the health industry. Its called Tespo and it is rethinking the way we ingest our vitamins. I did not know much about this, but it is etimated that up to 90% of the ingredients in a multi-vitamin pill is just manufactured filling that contains no nutritional value. It makes the pill shape and form that you then swallow. Yet, roughly 38% of the US population struggles to swallow the pills, which means most of us don't stick to the daily regime. This new machine puts out the powder form of the vitamin into water, which delivers much more potency of the actual nutrients. The recyclable plastic container also can be shipped back to Tespo for reuse by the company. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. Check out their site here for more info. 

They are on facebook and quick to respond to your questions if you have any. If someone tries this product, let me know. I know they are also developing a sleeping remedy in powder form that will be released soon. 

xx, AG