Redness Solution: Skincare and Makeup to Reduce the Red.

My skin doesn't give me a ton of trouble. A little roughness on the jawline here and there if I don't wash my face twice a day. But, the one persistent hiccup is the redness.. It goes from my cheeks straight down to my chin. This is constant and further irritated by touch or exercise. 

I recently visited the Clinique counter and the woman helping me gave me some really great tips. First of all combat color like an artist! When wanting to neutralize red, use green and then yellow. They actually have a green solution you put over your moisturizer, then you add a little foundation with a brush, then a yellow powder- and it really works. The color is neutralized and it was light enough coverage that you could still see my freckles. She also said exfoliating and tons of moisture is key. They even used a spray of moisture over the makeup to give your thirsty skin a bit of relief. Not sure how this works but it felt lovely! 

Go by the nearest mall and get them to test a few redness solution products on you. The greatest part is that the makeup has medicine or a solution in it that actually relieves the redness over time. 

Or go online and see their range of products here

xx, AG