Daddy leaves Wednesday. Mama and brother arrive Saturday. Life is movin' people. I am so excited to see brother as we have not visited in a year and a half (cry!) Its the longest its ever been. Just so happened he studied overseas then I moved overseas and the time overlapped. To say the least, I am elated. And to see my mama because a girl needs her mama. Its July and cold over here. So weird to even say that, knowing it is scorching and sweaty over in Tennessee. 

Its G's mama's 60th birthday tomorrow. So we shall celebrate with some breakfast and maybe champagne way too early?! Sounds like a fine idea. I am trying to slow things down even as they whirl around me hectically. Drinking tea, reading books, and laying in bed even for five minutes in solice when there at 15+ family members downstairs. That never lasts long, because G comes and finds me ;) and I am retreating back to the madness that is family gatherings. But it is amazing to have a massive family so I must never take that for granted. 

Here are a few images that made me happy today. Enjoy Monday.

xx, AG