Betty's Bay

As I mentioned below, we recently drove to Betty's Bay near Gordon's Bay. It was the perfect place to spend the day and night. Quiet, peaceful, full of nature and animals. One little shop in the town. No street lights. Reminded me of home. There's not a ton to do, but that's what we wanted. Here are some pictures of the place.  

We found this cottage, Sol y Sombre and I would highly recommend it.  R450 ($25) for the night. 

We even found a southern style bbq restaurant on a farm on the way home!! They had 'Chattanooga Cheesecake', which blew my mind since thats just 45 minutes from home in TN. I asked the owner if they knew Chatt but he had just done good research. Small world!  

Penguins are in town and you can head to the botanical gardens for the baboons. There is also a waterfall to view. You just have to ask for the key at the front to get through a gate!  

Memphis BBQ in South Africa. I didn't know it was possible. We paired the pulled pork with a cider and beer tasting. It was fantastic. Look for Hickory BBQ off the highway near Sir Lowry's Pass.

Xx, AG