Life lately.

Hi guys, life has been complete insanity lately. Got to yoga for the first time in about two months only yesterday. Felt so good to have a moment of clarity and feeling good in my body. But its okay- been having a lot of good things going on. Dad has been here for a month now. We got to do a tiny trip to Paternoster, a little fishing village on the West Coast.

School has been on break for two weeks now. Each term, theres a two week break, which is very refreshing. In more exciting news, the end of the year is approaching.. and Gershon and I are going to America for a month and a half! And now his brother gets to come for a month. And Josh and Mama are coming here at the end of THIS month! I am SOOOO excited to see my baby brother and mama. Oooohhh!! 

We had the incredible privilege to have lunch with Father Tutu. To explain.. dad worked for him twenty years ago (one of the reasons we lived here). So we got to reconnect with him and see the Tutu foundation. It was extremely cool! He is a wonderful, kind man. 

Been taking lots of walks with Shadow, the pitbull of the family. Cape Town is so beautiful to explore on foot, although I don't stray far from my favourite walk in the beautiful neighbourhood of Tamboerskloof. You can see below that I am loving the designs at Skinny. Their bright colours are amazing against a Bo Kaap palette. 

That's all for now. Muah!!

xx, AG