Wendy Rowe.

Every now and then, I stumbled across someone that makes my heart sing. Today, it was Wendy Rowe, a makeup artist to all the Brits you love- Kate Moss, Cara, Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller. I saw in one of her pictures on ITG, she had the book My New Roots by Sarah Britton, who is my all time favorite food blogger. From there, I knew we shared the same beliefs on health and beauty. She has an approach that starts from the inside out. She is all about health and exercise first to make the skin radiant. Below is a cool video of her showing how to create 'sunken cheeks' (similar contour effect) and a few photos from her home and book. I will be ordering it soon!

 Photos from  ITG .

Photos from ITG.

Read her article on Into the Gloss and check out her website. You can buy her book here.