The app I truly use the most is by far Instagram. As a photo person, its my favorite and I also love the community aspect. I think its pretty amazing that you can see into the worlds of vogue editors and artists and people who have found success in the arenas that you aspire to be a part of. These women have been on my radar this past year. 

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1. Giovanna Battaglia (@bat_gio): fashion senior editor at Vogue Japan, she is Italian, married a Swedish man, lives in Sweden, but travels the globe weekly. Her style is full of color and life and her travels are addicting to follow. She also makes these adorable videos with her sisters and just designed the NYFW windows at Bergdorf Goodmans to promote her upcoming book!

2. Alina Gonzalez (@thehyperbalist): This girl is so real, so inspiring, and always vocal about her thoughts and opinions on everything. She rants about things that matter and any and everything she is admiring at the moment. A great balance of funny and smart plus a fashionable vintage loving, pug loving, LA residing, Cuban-American gal. 

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3. Yana Shept (@gelcream): In terms of quality of content, this account is lightyears ahead of the rest. She gives brutally honest and quick reviews of all products- cheap to expensive. Her photos are stunning and artsy and if you are a beauty feign, you have to know this account. She also has a website and a moodboard which are equally fun to look at. 

4. Callie (@cosmicnature): This girl and her boyfriend hustled to buy and fix up a camper van, which they renovated themselves, and have recently hit the road, travelling across the states. They are down to earth and too much fun to follow- a very inspiring account that makes you realize these ideas are feasible if you're willing to put in the time and effort.

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5. Katie Jane Hughes (@katiejanehughes): A makeup artist who doesn't idealize the typical overly done IG look. She is all about glowy, real skin. She doesn't hide her pores or wrinkles, and her live videos are really entertaining. She is just REAL. And very hot right now. She just did the Glossier campaign for Body Hero (which happens to feature Pia below) and has a lot of the same skin/makeup philosophies as them. 

6. Lara Pia Arrobio (@piaarrobio): Expect a real ass woman, who runs her own clothing label, LPA, based in LA. She has one of those disruptive brands that is very authentic. She cries regularly on her IG stories and is open about botox and her body issues and her funny dad makes cameos every now and then. She just seems like someone you would want as a BFF.  

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7. Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew): Her illustrations sum up your thoughts, anxieties, and make you feel more understood, especially if you are trying desperately to adult. She has been through a lot and is very open about her setbacks (which include having been paralyzed) and finding her way into art. Very inspiring follow. Also, her first book is being published!




xx, AG