Cheap Home Improvements that look Expensive

Fix it Yourself

Living with four men these past two years, who are all incredibly self-sufficient when it comes to fixing and building things, has taught me so much. I used to just throw things away or call someone to fix something when it broke, but rarely do you ever need to throw something out- it can almost 99% of the time be fixed. Better even, with Youtube, even you can fix it yourself. Here are some inspiring videos to watch that can transform any room into something completely unique and fabulous!

Home Makeover on a Tight Budget

Gershon's brother showed me these videos from Lowe's as they prepare to fix up the guesthouse that he runs here in Cape Town. The two of them have just completed a project where they handbuilt a corner couch for the outdoor deck using palettes and we got my workplace to donate gorgeous pillows. The space is completely new and they were able to stay on their small budget. You don't need much to do a BIG makeover.

Enjoy! xx, AG